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Kyle Edmund


  • Location: National Tennis Centre, London

Still only 22, Kyle Edmund represents the future of the men’s game in Britain. This year, with another 12 months’ tour experience under his belt, he’s feeling better equipped than ever to make it through to the later rounds of a tournament that’s certainly close to his heart.

What’s your favourite part of the Wimbledon experience?

Well it’s my home tournament, so I get to stay at home [in Wimbledon]. It’s the only time I get to do that and not be in a hotel room. Also, the fans. It’s nice that for four weeks of the year we get home support – the rest of the time I guess someone’s cheering against us. During Queen’s and Wimbledon it’s always packed and there are always loads of people cheering you on. Being a Brit helps, but even the foreign players say that Wimbledon’s the best tournament, and everyone wants to win it.

What’s the main adaptation you have to make playing on grass compared to other surfaces?

Probably the pace of play. The ball bounces very differently – different speed off the surface, different bounce – so your game identity doesn’t change, but the way you hit shots changes a bit. And movement patterns. You’re coming straight off the clay on to grass where you’re sliding, the balls are bouncing up by your shoulders, and all of a sudden you’ve got to move very low. You’re basically sitting down a lot more, and you’re not sliding, so you’re having to really feel the court. Otherwise, if you slip on grass, it’s a nightmare. It’s a big change. The first few days, I find, your body adapts and it aches because you’re using different muscles. But you do get used to it, and the rallies are not as long on grass as on clay, so it’s very much explosive tennis rather than long endurance tennis.


Kyle Edmund - British No.3

You once said “Your confidence is like a bank account, and you need to keep putting deposits in there.” How do you make sure you keep topping up your account, so to speak?

I guess the more experiences you get. I mean, wins — it’s amazing what wins can do for anyone in life. When you have success, you get more confident. But also as you’re coming up the ranks, playing against the better players, the closer you get to them. When I started playing for instance, guys like Djokovic, or Andy even – when I first played them to the last time I played them, I definitely felt an improvement in how I’ve played, being calm and trusting in my ability. Even though I haven’t actually beaten Novak or Andy, I’ve got closer. You get confidence from that, knowing that your game is progressing and that you’re moving forward. But the big one is definitely results, that’s how the human mind works.

You’ve used a racket from the Pro Staff family for a number of years. Can you remember when you first played with a Wilson?

Yeah, it was when I was at David Lloyd in Hull. My very first racket was a Volkl, and then I got a Hammer, the all-orange one – at the top it had this silver bit. Then I went to an nCode. [As a pro] I’ve always used a Six.One 95 frame, whether that’s nCode, K-Factor, BLX. I just feel really comfortable with it. Pretty much the same string pattern as well. I’ve gone up in weight slightly as I’ve got stronger and older, but same string, same pattern.

If you could choose any celeb to cheer you on from the Royal Box, who would it be?

Any celeb? I don’t know … Micky Flanagan. That’d be fun.

Kyle Edmund will be wearing Nike from head to toe at Wimbledon this year, and every piece of apparel in the outfit is designed for lightweight performance. The traditional fit NikeCourt Dry Advance Polo combines with comfort-focused NikeCourt Flex Ace Shorts for a classic all-white look, while the sweat-wicking construction of both garments ensures you’ll be feeling fresh from the first point to the last.

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